Can we accept the truth? Running your own business or being an entrepreneur can be stressful, lonely and discouraging at times.

Most of the times you’re faced with business challenges that you haven’t encountered before and the decision to do it is very difficult, but still it is really important for the success of your business.


Much lesser cost than hiring a full time CEO and no need to pay a huge fee for the Talent Agency as a finder fee!!


Unlike companies which may not have a backing but here we have a solid team assisting in Marketing, Finance, IT, and more


We provide various networking opportunities and get more leads, connections, referrals, etc with our large network of entrepreneurs


Align all your efforts with a Digital Dashboard and have a Digital Transformation expert to be a part of your organisation

You must be wondering if you can get a person
(a virtual Consultant)

– who you can turn to for advice and guidance, someone to innovate ideas for you
    – who can look at your business through his experienced lenses
    – who can provide predictive analytics and insights into how you can lead your business and increase your sales
    – who can teach you new skills while holding you accountable for your business growth
     – who can take the burden off your shoulders by simplifying the challenges and guiding the route to win

Digital Transformation Consultant Bernard

Together we can help in creating your successful business strategy and grow your business to the next level. By working with me you can build your sales funnel and set your goals for the next year.

Every month I sit with your team for a review and summarise your business results for you, I will be making sure they’re on track and looking for new opportunities to increase sales month after month and profitability to take your income to the next level.

It’s my pleasure and duty to spend quality time together to add value to your business and make it happen.


The Changing Business Landscape

  • As a Virtual CEO we  partner with Board to help the stakeholders to consider things you’re not always happy to think about – and sometimes provide answers that may be hard to hear.
  • Our main focus is on the working relationships between Board members and the other leaders and the Director and his/her direct reports. We support the Leadership team with sensitive and critical assessments of every Officer and offer balanced strategies to address performance issues.
  • What we offer in our consulting includes strict confidentiality and discrete assessment against performance and provides executive coaching and mentoring services along development opportunities for Board members, stakeholders and C-Suite Leaders.
  • In most of the cases, we act as an independant consultant and sounding board for the Owners when it comes to issues which they can very rarely, if ever, discuss with qualified individuals.

If you’re looking for monthly, high level leadership advice, support on your business strategy and business guidance while you focus on doing what you do best, then connect with me immediately

  • Customized for your business at no time.
  • Professional Business Advice Across All Areas of Your Business
  •     Thorough Analysis of Current Business Strategies.
  •     Covering Areas Including Marketing, HR, Operations, Financials and More…
  •     Fostering Innovation within the Business
  •     Convenient Monthly Costs that Don’t Get out of Control
  •     An Allocated Number of Consulting Hours to Use When it Suits You!

For an organization achieving growth and performance – consistently and confidently – is not a cakewalk. In creating businesses that are future ready, stakeholders face accelerating changes in technology, consumer expectations and society itself. The pressure is on to shape their strategy and restructure their organizations to deliver better, lasting results for all their stakeholders. Our Virtual CEO Consulting will help you to achieve your goals

Management and Leadership Development

Leading Virtual CEO Consultant | C-Suite Master Executive Coach | Senior Leadership Development Consultant

In these tough times, leadership consulting matters more than ever. For you as a leader, the pain point is to keep the organization aligned, well connected, engaged and performing during this crisis, while anticipating what a post-pandemic world will look like, and the complications of those changes for the respective industries. We will constantly share ideas and insights to help you to be a more dynamic leader in this unexpected time of crisis.

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