The Workshop for Startups

Are you planning to start a business? The Startup Workshop is for you! It’s an intense 3-day program that walks participants through every important step of starting and running a successful digital business.

All you need to get your idea off the ground is a digital business plan and an internet connection. Talk about it with others and find out about how to network better, boost your social media presence, & capitalize on new trends. The Startup Workshop will help guide you through this process!

Not sure if you want to quit your job or start a business? This workshop will help you, whether you go all out into your own digital startup or set up a side business. It’s never too late to get some creative fulfillment in your life! Three days of mentorship are included in this program. You will learn about starting a side gig or a company and about the many benefits of having a side income as an entrepreneur. You’ll learn the steps that you need to take to effectively build a new business from the ground up–whether it’s digital, franchising, or just with your own personal hustle. This will never be another opportunity as good as this!


What you'll discover

The workshop isn’t just about professional growth and entrepreneurship—it covers all the different aspects of your business. It helps you be more successful from concept to launch, laying out and demystifying the most effective path to startup success. You’ll need to decide what legal form your business should take, whether you want to establish the company yourself or find a professional legal advisor. You’ll learn how to avoid pitfalls that happen when selecting a team and funding your business — you’ll also pick up different sources of funding. Gaining increased profits from your business is important, and this book will teach you how to do so with the help of free or low-cost tools & platforms. So read on, and discover the best ways of marketing & selling your products successfully.

You’ll leave with tools, hacks, strategies and tactics, inspiring examples, and rules for defining your business & growth by hacking it.

Digital Transformation Consultant Bernard


What will you discover at the workshop?

You’ll go over the 10 steps to launching a successful business:

A startup is definitely a personal passion. You figure out your motivation and constraints and use that to design a business plan. This very intense three-day event will help you get immediately active. The Startup Workshop is a digital workshop that will get you started on the right foot with digital marketing techniques. It’s been designed for those with minimal technical knowledge & it is perfect for anyone who wants to explore digital marketing but doesn’t have time to be technical!


Why start your own business?

The only genuine income security you have in this increasingly unpredictable world is understanding how to make it on your own. You could fantasize about doing a WhatsApp and getting bought out by Facebook for $19 billion, or just operating a one-person lifestyle business, or even a side hustle that generates some helpful offshore cash. You are free to pursue your dreams. You don’t need to be a coder or have grand goals to participate.

Selling smartphone applications isn’t the only thing that digital firms do. They’re all about leveraging digital channels to locate consumers and increase sales, whether you’re offering insurance, stuffed animals, haircuts, photography classes, graphic design, financial counseling, garden services, wedding cakes, or even applications. If your concept is genuinely disruptive, you may be on the verge of revolutionizing an entire industry.

Every business starts with an idea. The majority of ideas never get off the ground because the person who came up with them has no idea where to start. Many people who start a digital business fail because it takes a distinct set of skills and processes. You will have the confidence to put your thoughts into action if you know how to proceed.

You will be implementing the principles and using the tools during the program. So by the time you’re done, you’ll be completely confident in moving forward. You’ll be inspired and driven to succeed, and you’ll be well on your way to starting your business!


Who should attend?

The session is intended for non-technical individuals who have no prior business experience. It will help you to become more focused, inspired, and productive. You’ll also be working on your own company concept because it’s a workshop!

Have Any Business In Mind?

A digital business plan and an internet connection are all you need to get your idea.

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