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Restructuring your Business & Processes

As a Leading Turnaround Management Consultant in India , we believe that it is all about the restructuring and renewal of the business leveraging new models of analysis. Before the Covid, this strategy is employed when the business is under financial stress.  However, it is not necessary to wait till the situation becomes too complicated to commence the turnaround Management strategy, since most of the businesses need a post covid business strategy.

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Define & Analyze | Scope & Strategy | Link & Action | Implement & Review


Evaluation and assessment | Acute needs stage | Restructuring | Stabilization | Revitalization


The 4R - Retrenchment | Repositioning | Replacement | Renewal


Design | Execution | Marketing

Our turnaround consulting engagements help your organisation achieve rapid improvements in the financial health of your business and create a roadmap for a long-term sustainable growth.

To be frank, turnaround lessons aren’t just limited to the troubled companies. Business Turnaround opportunities exist everywhere—in retail stores, in healthcare, in product lines, in corporate divisions, in education institutions  and subsidiaries. In today’s competing world, your business or your services have to earn your right to compete every day, day after day to withstand. And the basics that  help you do that are the same ones that our turnaround consultants use to bring failing or failed companies back to life.

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At Bernard Consulting, we go an extra mile beyond the financial aspects of business turnaround and look at the greater strategic landscape to better position your organization for a return to growth.

In the past with our experience in multiple turnaround projects for our clients, we emphasize the importance of clear and coherent communication to a successful outcome of our Turnaround Engagement. That’s why our consultants design a we designed communication plan for each stage and every step of the turnaround consulting, ensuring you retain the loyalty of your own staff and the confidence of your customers throughout the process.

Every organization faces the challenge of accelerating change. We turn that challenge into an opportunity

Many businesses are on an endless hunt to find every incremental time and cost savings possible for their survival , but find that the low-hanging fruit has already been plucked and traditional continuous improvement methods dont wonrk any further after this pandemic. Business Turnaraound is not achieved by tweaking – it’s achieved by rethinking. Bernard Consulting’s approach brings together various heads from a cross section of your esteemed organization, communicate and bring them together into highly coordinated teams that move with urgency, agile, and creativity to challenge the traditional methods, break down the cultural barrier, and achieve 4X business results.

What we do in our Turnaround Consulting :

  1. Assessing and analyzing your company’s entire business process, objectively identifying problems, the extent of the problems, existing issues and potential opportunities.
  2. Once we get engaged, we work very closely with the relevant stakeholders to determine where you are and where you would like to be, we will only undertake a turnaround if we believe there is a sound underlying business to be turned around.
  3. With regular communication we put in great importance, not only on the implementation phase, but also on the continued monitoring and review. Data driven results are monitored on a regular basis with reported outcomes provided to all relevant parties.
  4. We help, guide and treat every client, their industry as unique and always maintain an impartial approach towards elevating the business and undertake strict levels of confidentiality.

Schedule your no cost initial strategy call to discuss your business and turnaround areas!

  1. To hear from you, what your most stressful pain points.
  2. An introduction of your business along with your objectives.
  3. If possible get specific regarding your major debts and vendor issues.
  4. A few details of your projected sales.
  5. A discussion on your audited your company’s profit and loss statements and formulation of big picture target cost structure / target profitability.
  6. Advising and introducing a high level strategy for turning around your business and returning it to profitability and growth.
  7. The investment of time required by your directors and management to implement the turnaround strategy.
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